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Radboud University

Hatertse Vennen & Park Staddijk

Startpoint Hatertse Vennen

This route has been developed for the course Biodiversity at the Radboud University to teach first year students how to identify the order, family and in some cases species to which a vascular plant or arthropod belongs. The route also highlights the various ecological factors and their influence on the distribution of plant and animal species in landscapes that can be found in the vicinity of Nijmegen (floodplains, woodlands on slopes of push moraines, heathlands).

Learning objectives
• you can list the differences in abiotic conditions between a rainwater fed ecosystem and a groundwater fed ecosystem
• you can recognize the floral and faunal communities that are characteristic for the Hatertse vennen and for park Staddijk
• you can explain what adaptations allow different plants and animals to survive in either nutrient poor and acidic environments or in nutrient rich and buffered environments