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Push Moraine


This excursion takes leads you through the push moraine landscape. The push moraines were formed during the penultimate ice age, and consist of grinded material that was pushed forward by the land ice. The forested hill is interesting in terms of flora and fauna, especially to a flat country such as the Netherlands. Not only do we find typical habitat types such as seepage springs, but the push moraine is also situated on the eastern end of the Netherlands, forming a western outpost of several Centro European species. During this excursion you’ll learn about the push moraine, its flora and fauna and the process that explain the distribution of this flora and fauna in the landscape.
Study aims:
After the excursion on the forested slopes of push moraines, you
• can explain how ecological factors, both biotic and abiotic, influence the distribution of plant and animal species (on the push moraine)
• can recognize the characteristic plant and animal species for different parts of the landscape
• can explain what morphological adaptations allow different plant and animal species to grow in different parts of the landscape